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"My heart's a battle ground..."

17 December
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((OOC: First off, this is strictly an RP journal. For my real journal, see celes_fire.))

~~*Leblanc's Profile*~~

Name: Leblanc
Nickname: Lebby (but only to those really close to her)
Age: 17 (just turned)
Birthdate: December 17
Where is your character from?: Originally born in Bevelle, but her last place of residents was Guadosalem in Spira.
Weapon of choice: Red and gray battle fan, and an uncanny ability to summon and cast magic.
Student, Graduate or Teacher?: Student, with another year or so before reaching Graduate.

Physical Appearance: Leblanc is a teenaged girl, if not a young woman, with shoulder lengthed, messy hair. It's worn loose, with two ornamental hair sticks sporting her favorite colors of hot-pink and lavendar. Her eyes are a strange mixture of lavender mist and honey-brown, and can usually be the first thing that is noticed about her. The other is usually her full, pouty lips, which is usually set in a flirtatious smile.

She is taller than Yuna at 5'6", giving her a commanding air about her at times. She is built a little different than most girls her age, having a full chest, curving hips, and shapely legs. She tends to show these features off by wearing form fitting and semi-revealing clothes. This can include the school's uniforms.

Family: She has a mother, Elnora, and a father, Zannith, who both live back in Guadosalem. She has no sibblings or any other living relatives.

Personal History: Leblanc was born in Spira's capitol of Bevelle to Elnora and Zannith. Her father was an item's dealer and had owned a few decent shops in both Bevelle and Luca, giving Leblanc's mother the option to stay at home or do charity work for those who were attacked by Sin.

At a young age, Leblanc showed a talent for Summoning, and both black and white magic. Because of this, her parents had wished for her to become a summoner, in hopes that their daughter could be Spira's next hope. She studied in all forms of magic, and had begun her pilgramage not too far from the day of Yuna's 'wedding'. Instead of starting in Besaid, though, Leblanc sought out the temple in Bevelle. Her first ally and friend was the Aeon and Fayth, Bahamut.

Due to lack of schools in Spira, Leblanc had learned what she could from her mother and the different temples that her mother would visit and offer help to. She had learned to read, write, and the like, as well as white and black magic.

There's not much of note about her history, save for two events that would shape and change her life. The first was the fateful meeting of her favorite cohorts, Ormi and Logos when she moved to Guadosalem. The second was an event that happened shortly after.

While searching the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth for rare spheres, Leblanc had found a small, strange sphere lying on the ground. At the exact time she bent over to pick up, a Wraith attacked and attempted to perform Death upon her. The strange 'sphere' began to glow and it obliterated the monster just before it could cast its spell. Leblanc passed out shortly after and awoke outside. The sphere was gone and Nooj was standing over her. To this day, she is convinced that Nooj had protected and saved her from the creature, and she had a horrible crush on him.

Having scouted out a school 'worthy enough' for her, Leblanc found Balamb Garden both a challenging setting as well as a decent school to attend. Without her parents' concent, she sent an application to the headmistress in hopes she could gain a scholarship and entry as a surprise to her parents.

Currently, she is in a strange relationship. She is dating both Reno and Tseng form the Turks, who are dating each other. Things are complicated, but she wouldn't hav it any other way.

Quirks/Habits which make them stand out: The semi-use of British terms, the ability to summon her battle fan from out of no where, the need to recruite members for the Leblanc Syndicate, very flirtatious, the need to pick on the 'dullwings' and those equally 'goody, goody' at times, she's prone to unusual dreams, sometimes nightmares, especially after entering the school

Somethings your character always carries around with them?: Normally her backpack, or her Cheshire Cat purse, in it are the usual things a girl her age would carry. Applications for the Leblanc Syndicate. Her cellphone.

What classes does your character take?:
9:00 to 9:50 - Basic Languages:
10:00 to 10:50 - Math: Basic
11:00 to 11:50 - History
1:00 to 1:50 - Basic Languages:
2:00 to 2:50 - Math: Basic
3:00 to 3:50 - Biology

9:00 to 9:50 - Math: Basic

9:00 to 9:50 - History
10:00 to 10:50 - Biology
5:00 to 5:50 - Chocobo Training

9:00 to 9:50 - Basic Languages:
1:00 to 1:50 - Basic Languages:

11:00 to 11:50 - Math
5:00 to 5:50 - Chocobo Training

Saturday and Sundays:
Advanced Magic Use, Beast Summoning, and Weapons Use.

Anything else you feel you need to add? Put it here: She has an adult, female, blue Chocobo that she's trying to find a male, green Chocobo to mate it with.

I LOVE pink, and I love dressing in my own, original designs. Everything in their cookie-cutter way is so boring, luvs. Hopefully my new year at a new high school should perk up my attitude! Now, just searching for a few "groupies" of sorts, or at least my own crew. Leaving Logos and Ormi sucked big time.

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Leblanc is the leader and founder of the Leblanc Syndicate, a group back in Spira. She hopes to branch it out to Balamb Gardens. Leblanc is a outspoken teenage girl with a superior attitude, but has a soft spot for Reno and Tseng, after much drama that happened within the first few days before school started. No longer flagged by her two cohorts, Ormi and Logos, she has made new friends here. Kadaj has become her replacements for her old cohorts, although she cares for him much more than she could ever Ormi and Logos, treating him almost like a little brother.
Strengths: Outgoing, flirty, cunning, love for her friends and significant others, the ability to lead, her love for Reno and Tseng.
Weaknesses: Vanity, ruthlessness, emotional, her love for Reno and Tseng, and pride.
Special Skills: Able to fight with a fan, really good with underlings, and an uncanny ability to summon creatures.
Weapons: Fan, magic, summoning ability, the EMR Reno gave her as a last resort to protect herself.
~¡WANTED!~: People willing to sieze their own future and are willing to listen to Leblanc, no matter what!

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